Health Insurance

Group Cover

With the volatility of the dynamic Health insurance market, increased health insurance awareness and escalating health care costs, and current regulations by the UAE government, it has become imperative for corporations to look for effective solutions for providing Health Insurance to their employees.

At AFNIC, we help you find and design the type of policy to best fit your company, to your requirements, and protect you during your time of need.

  • This insurance is applicable under DHA (Dubai Health Authority), HAAD (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi) and NON DHA / HAAD.

These simple questions will direct you to the appropriate plans;

What is Private Health Insurance?

It is when comprehensive health care plans are offered at affordable private clinics and hospitals.

Why should a company look for Health insurance Plans for its employees?

The impact of Health insurance lies not only on the budgets and capping the corporate expenses, but on the employees themselves.

It offers the employees a feeling of ownership and helps in building loyalty which will build a foundation for increased productivity and commitment.

What decides the premium?

The coverage, benefits offered, deductibles to be paid by employee, as well as group size, and age of the population to be covered decides the premium.

How can different plans be compared?

Different plans offer different benefits. Comparisons should be based, not just on premiums, but also on the benefits offered, deductibles, and geographical area. It is imperative to bear in mind that although, at inception of the Policy, premiums are the deciding factor, during the Policy period it is the benefits and the service that decides renew ability and long term relationship.

AFNIC issues policies through:

*The details for the MedNet networks are as stated on their website.

What We Offer:

MEDNET PRODUCTS with varying array of deductibles and copay

  • Groups below 100 members - only Guardian med.
  • Groups above 100 members - Thuraya Eurocare, Khaleej Care, Local Care and Silkroad.


The products are as follows:

  1. FINSCO Local
  2. FINSCO Extended
  3. FINSCO Global

FINSCO Local U.A.E. Only
  • Comprehensive In-patient or Out-patient hospital care
  • Network: General or Restricted / RN2
FINSCO Extended U.A.E., Arab Countries, and South East Asia Only
  • Comprehensive In-patient or Out-patient hospital care
  • Network: General or Restricted / RN2
FINSCO Global U.A.E., Arab Countries, and South East Asia
Extension to Worldwide - including or excluding U.S. or Canada, as per U.A.E. rates
  • Comprehensive In-patient or Out-patient hospital care
  • Network: General or Restricted / RN2

Each of the products listed can be tailored to suit your company requirements, with a variety of options, including;

  • Deductible options; ranging from AED 25 – 100 /- or on percentages such as 10% or 20%.
  • Network options; General, Restricted, or In-hospital care only with HMO cover for OP care
  • Extension of cover to Home country.
  • Additional Personal Accident coverage, based on group size.
  • Application of Co-pay, as per U.A.E. law.


The decided premium is based on the required coverage, added benefits, deductibles to be paid by the employees, as well as the group size, and ages of the employees included in the group.

Important Benefit Coverage Clarifications:

  • Subject to network rates; reimbursement based on network rates.
  • Compulsory scheme;
    All employees and their eligible dependents – residents of the U.A.E. – must be covered.
    If dependents are included, it is compulsory for the whole group.
  • Criteria for level of cover: if two level of cover are chosen, it should be based on criteria, such as designation, salary, and/or nationality. And with at least 12 employees
  • Group size – rates change with group size.
  • Rates are group specific.
  • Out-of-U.A.E. cover is based on U.A.E. rates.
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