Health Insurance

With the volatility of the dynamic Health insurance market, increased health insurance awareness and escalating health care costs, and partial withdrawal of the government from the healthcare market, it has become imperative to look for effective solutions to take care of ourselves and our dependants.

At AFNIC, with our Health Insurance, we protect you from those high medical costs, while offering a variety of additional benefits, so that you can relax, knowing that you are being looked after.

We cover under two categories

  1. Individual Family Cover
  2. Group Cover

What is Health Insurance

Heath Insurance is an insurance coverage that covers the medical and surgical expenses of an insured individual. The coverage generally varies depending on the chosen packages offered by the insurance company, andor the requirements of the client.

Depending on the type of insurance, either the insured pays the medical fee out-of-pocket and is later reimbursed by the insurance company, or the payments are made directly to the provider by the insurer.

Why do we need Health Insurance

Many perceive Health insurance as too expensive; however without it you can be exposed to even greater medical bills.

Health Insurance protects you from high medical expenses in case of unexpected, serious illnesses or injuries. When insured, you are more likely to get regular preventive care, and therefore can prevent escalation of mild illnesses into more serious issues.

Important Terminology

  • TPA Third Party administrator.
  • Network List of hospitals and pharmacies available on credit facility.
  • Provider Clinics and Pharmacies.
  • Geographical area area of coverage.
  • Benefits what is covered.
  • Exclusions what is not covered.
  • Deductible amount to be paid by insured.
  • Out of network clinics and pharmacy not on direct billing.
  • Co-participation percentage of claimed amount paid by member.
  • Pre-existing condition any medical condition the member had been suffering from before joining the policy; known or unknown – symptoms.
  • Chronic condition conditions that need regular and continuous treatment.
During the first quarter of 2021, AFNIC’s HR & Administration Department—Emiratisation Section conducted a virtual work experience activity in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. More than 250 school students, from the 11th and 12th grades, were in attendance. The programme aimed to help local students gain an insight into AFNIC’s structure, mission, and values....
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The Excellence Award In Tolerance
In line with the views of the U.A.E. and since the start of the company, AFNIC has actively practiced tolerance towards our staff and customers. AFNIC welcomes all customers, while giving special care for people with determination, we continue to make our offices accessible to everyone. AFNIC has been awarded The Excellence Award in Tolerance by the U.A.E. Insurance Authority, in recognition...
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The Outstanding Company In Social Responsibility
Aligning with our company purpose and values, AFNIC has been committed to our social and environmental development activities. Our voluntary actions contribute to social, economic and environmental development. AFNIC has been awarded The Outstanding Company in Social Responsibility Award from the U.A.E. Insurance Authority for our continuous efforts in supporting our society. As a part of...
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