A) When can I cancel my policy?

You can apply for a refund of the motor policy under the following situations.

        1. When the vehicle sold or ownership transferred to another party

        2. When the Vehicle Insured in another Insurance Company and the Vehicle to be         registered with the same insurance of that company

B) What documents do I need to provide to cancel my policy?

The table below explains the documents required for each reason of cancellation:

Reason for cancellation Document required
Vehicle sold or ownership transferred to      another party Cancellation Letter from Traffic Dept.
Vehicle Transfer Certificate issued by      Traffic Dept.
Insured’s Emirates ID Copy
When the Vehicle Insured in another      Insurance Company and the Vehicle
      to be registered with the same
      insurance of that company
New Insurance Policy and New Vehicle      Registration
Registration Copy with New Insurance

C) How can I request for policy cancellation

You may apply for a policy cancellation and premium refund by any of below methods:

        a. Contact AFNIC by Phone or Email

        b. Visit our website to lodge a cancellation request with required documents

        c. Visit any of our AFNIC offices with your required documents

Fill in a cancellation request

Provide details and copies of all relevant documents, policy certificate and your ID.

Mention the reason for refund and related documents to support.

AFNIC contact details

Phone Contact : 800 AFNIC

Email Contact :

How long it takes to process the policy cancellation

• Minimum 5 Working Days

E) Other Conditions

Cancellation Refund Premium payable to the Insured only

Cancellation and or refund are subject to evaluation of documents and the            policy terms and conditions.

Refund requests are processed for policies having no reported claims.

Premium refund is calculated based on a refund tariff structure of Insurance            Authority and is subject to deduction of applicable fees and charges, and the            company’s policies and procedures.

Refund for online purchases will NOT be made to your credit card; it will be             paid by cheque and to be collected from our offices.

F) Currency

The currency of transaction is UAE Dirhams.


In case changes to the policy coverage are required after having made the payment online, and if those changes result in reduction of premium, below steps should be followed:

Request to policy changes should be made in writing or by email to our            underwriting or call centre department by visiting any of our office

Your request is subject to evaluation by the underwriting department

You may be requested to provide supporting documents to process your            request

If the request is approved, confirmation will be communicated to you

Refund of premium, if any, as a result of the changes to the policy is calculated           in accordance with tariff structure, policy terms and conditions and company’s            procedure

Refund of premium will NOT be made to your credit card; it will be paid by            cheque and to be collected from our offices

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